Q7 1.0 Released – Functional and UI Testing of Eclipse Applications

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This summer has been a busy time for Xored Staff. Two years, ½ Million US dollars, and sleepless nights are over and version 1.0 of Q7 Functional/UI Testing product line is now available for download and purchase. We’d love to say a huge thanks to everyone who participated in Q7 evaluations, giving out very valuable feedback, which let us to make such an exceptional tool. Starting from Q7 inception and proof-of-concept we did reveal at the EclipseCon 2010, through Eclipse Testing Day 2010 and other great Eclipse Foundation’s events and up to EclipseCon 2011 we did learned a lot from you guys, and constant interest from the community was a driving force for us to deliver something we can proud of. Also we’d like to say big thanks to everybody at Xored, guys did a tremendous job, using Q7 at it’s very early stages to automate acceptance tests for the products they are working on, struggling with Q7 problems and helping with bug fixing and directions towards easy-to-use but extremely powerful product. However we’re only in the beginning of the road to a solution, which will be as easy to use in testing as word processor is easy to type this text. There are many things on track, including Optical Character and Image Recognition to support custom controls and in-house frameworks you may use in your applications. We just stated working on the analysis of an RCP application internal behavior, which is based on Q7 Runtime Intelligence and would be extremely useful either by testers and developers. Q7 Server, which can load balance tests execution among tens of Q7 Runners in the private (or Amazon) Cloud coming soon. And more things to come. You may want to subscribe to Q7 newsletter to stay in the loop. Thank you very much, and Kind Regards, Xored Software, Inc.

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