Test Suite and Test Execution Order.

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Test Suite.

Test Suite is mostly for Runner support. Typical scenario with Q7 is to run all tests from project(s) either from IDE or Runner, but some people would like to execute predefined number of test cases, like “sanity check suite”. So you can create suite, Q7 - MyQ7Project:Test Suite.suite - Q7 - :Users:Ulik_MacAir:q7workspace 2013-08-15 14-37-16 drop tests there Q7 - MyQ7Project:Test Suite.suite - Q7 - :Users:Ulik_MacAir:q7workspace 2013-08-15 14-40-43   and use suite from Runner. In Test Suite tests are sorted alphabetically but is doesn’t mean that they will be executed in such way.

Test execution order.

Q7 tests do not depend each other. All the setup for your AUT shall be handled by Contexts. It is not really random, there are some heuristics to speed up test base execution like clustering test cases, which are requires similar set of files, perspectives, views, etc, but now it is enforced only at server execution. So please consider test execution order as “random” in terms there is no predefined order during test cases execution.  

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