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ECL debugging in Q7.

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1. Introduction

Q7 allows you to replay your ECL script in Debug mode. Q7 has a special Debug perspective which gives you a preconfigured set of views. In this perspective you control the execution process and can investigate the state of the variables.

2. Setting breakpoints.

To set breakpoints in ECL code right-click in the small left margin in your script editor and select Toggle Breakpoint. Alternatively you can double-click on this position. Breakpoint1 Read more…

New Xored Office

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New Xored Office Here at Xored we believe that changes are for better, not for worse. They might take time, they might question your resources, you can take the wrong turn, but moving forward is always a good choice. We decided to move… to a new location. Its spacious rooms welcome all members of our fast growing staff, it has plenty of space for our brand new servers and a tennis table (for now pool tables lost this battle to a more dynamic kind of sport). The world is better seen from the top floor and fresh air brings fresh ideas! Now, as you can see, we’ve kept ourselves busy and got a bit lost in a moment, but now we’re back online! Read more…

Functional and UI Testing for Eclipse-based Applications

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Product Health Analytics and Support Automation Platform

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Eclipse-based IDE for the Fantom Programming Language

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