Eclipse Testing Day 2010

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The first Eclipse Testing Day was held on September 8, 2010 in Darmstadt, Germany. Xored was the only Russian company presenting its newly designed tool for automated testing called Q7. Not only we wanted to show our product that we were so proud of, but also were eager to share our thoughts and dreams on how testing should be carried out in Eclipse environment.

Andrey Platov talked about the concept of functional/UI testing designed specifically for Eclipse application, exploding some of the common myths. The key point of his presentation was the idea, which led us to develop our Q7 tool: “If you cannot find a testing framework that meets your needs, you’ll have to build one… “ The audience was very welcoming and supportive, which was very important sign since we are now expecting to release a beta version of Q7 for public access.

You can find the keynotes for Xored presentation at Eclipse Wiki page. There will be a full-length video available later at our website.

We would like to thank Bredex and Microdoc for such an opportunity to meet our German colleagues. The variety of talks demonstrated wide perspectives for developing best practices in Eclipse community and high potential in this area that needs to be brought out. We hope that this initiative will be supported by other members of Eclipse foundation and look forward to seeing our new friends and long-term partners at the next Eclipse event!

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