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On September 23th the Russian branch of Xored participated in a local event on web development, design and testing. In last decades, Novosibirsk has become one of the centers of IT industry in Russia (and not only there). We were happy to share our experience and perspectives with the local community, thus we had submitted two talks. As it turned out later, four talks in total were made by the Xored team.

The first talk by Andrey Platov raised the issues of deploying innovative development processes. There is still a huge gap between professional priorities in Russian and international approaches that needs to be overcome. The second talk by Ivan Inozemtsev was dedicated to one of our non-commercial projects, IDE for Fantom called F4, and advantages of this relatively young programming language. Here at Xored we strongly believe that non-commercial projects are essential for every company that claims itself to be on the cutting-edge and can be a rewarding experience.

There were also two brilliant talks by Victor Bilyk and Stepan Stolyarov on CouchDB and NodeJS. We are pleased to inform that starting this week these guys are joining our team. If you think about it, such events are aimed to bring people together and we can confirm that it is working :)

Talking about CodeFest ’10 in general, all workshops and lectures were well-organized, the audience was welcoming and the event itself definitely deserves to be brought back next year.

If you look at the map, you will see that Novosibirsk is pretty distant from… well, almost everything. However, with the help of nowadays technology that brings us all together, it remains one of the leaders in science and innovations. Xored will gladly contribute to local development by participating in such conferences, opening new projects in order to involve talented professionals and by simply doing its job!

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