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November, 2010 — Xored Software, Inc. presents longly awaited Technology Preview of Q7 Functional Testing Tool and opens Early Access Program for eligible customers. Several years of research and development based on unique Eclipse experience and represents a powerful tool, tailored by Eclipse developers for Eclipse developers to fulfill their functional testing requirements.

Eclipse Summit Europe attendees in Ludwigsburg and Eclipse Day Paris attendees will have the opportunity to take a close look at Q7. Those in charge of Ulyana Skorokhodova and Semyon Koptelov, will introduce Q7 in a presentation and demonstrate the testing of complex Eclipse GMF-based modeling application using it.

“Xored Q7 is the next generation functional testing tool specifically designed for testing Eclipse (RCP) based applications,” said Andrey Platov, Xored’s president. “The combination of remarkable ideas, modern concepts and technologies implemented in Q7 will turn your testing process into a fascinating adventure.”

Q7 delivers unrivaled support for major parts of Eclipse Technology stack including SWT, JFace, Platform, IDE, GEF, GMF, etc making it easy to automate your QA process with minimal costs. Q7 introduces Eclipse Command Language, CLI-oriented general purpose scripting language, designed for Eclipse Scripting & Automation, which lets any project participant work within Q7 testing environment. This approach saves highly rated resources such as working time of experienced developers.

Using Xored Q7, a single QA engineer can create around 100 acceptance (functional) tests per week and maintain a test base consisting of thousands of scenarios for an Agile development team. This is several times higher comparing to regular manual testing or even current methods of automated tests.

Q7 includes full support for Maven/Tycho making it even easier to adapt it for your Continuous Integration process. It is also notable that Q7 runs under Mac OS X.

Eclipse Summit Europe Ludwigsburg. November 2nd – 4th, 2010 — The presentation by Semyon Koptelov and Ulyana Skorokhodova, Yes, You Can Do Functional and UI Testing of Eclipse/RCP Products with Pleasure!, will take place in room 5 on November 3. Also you may find Ulyana and Semyon at booth #15.

Eclipse Day Paris. November 5th, 2010 — Further information about the contents of the presentation can be found at http://www.eclipsedayparis.com.

About Xored Software, Inc.

Founded in 2002 as an Eclipse-centric company, Xored provides add-on tools, consulting, and software development services to leading telecoms, software development companies, and enterprises. Today we have accumulated over 100 man-years of development experience with Eclipse the technology stack, and counting. Xored is actively innovating and contributing to the Eclipse community, being the founder and leader of the Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit project.

In 2010 we are continuing to innovate in Eclipse, announcing a brand-new product line Handcrafted for Eclipse. Our tools for software developers and vendors address different issues of organizing QA and support of Eclipse-based software products, helping to increase software quality and developer productivity.

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Nastya Lagunova
Xored Software, Inc.
+7 (913) 914 8129

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