Q7 1.3.7 released

New and Noteworthy, Q7, 9.09.2013 by Ivan Inozemtsev View Comments

In Q7 1.3.6, released a week ago we released two big new features – verifications and procedures. But we were too excited and hurrying to reveal these features, that made a few annoying bugs. Today’s version contains important bugfixes and small, but useful improvements. Full list of resolved issues is available here, and below just a few interesting improvements:

QS-2887 Assertion dialog now supports ‘toString’


Now Advanced properties show ‘toString’ method, which is convenient when object classes don’t have some public getters/fields. A ‘toString’ property is displayed when:

  • property class overrides Object’s toString method
  • value, returned by toString() is not too big (its length no longer than 16k chars)

QS-2893 Case-insensitive completions


Very small, but important enhancement.

QS-2891 Return last command result from a procedure


With this improvement, it is possbile to connect user-defined procedures into pipelines, producing expressive application-specific scripts.

Q7 1.3.7 can be downloaded from http://q7.xored.com/download.

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