Xored software, Inc. is an Eclipse Solutions Member company. It was set up to develop software based on Eclipse.

We help developers and corporations make the most of their investment in development tools, platforms and rich client applications. All our products and services were designed using Eclipse technologies since company’s startup in 2002.

We have been actively participating in Eclipse Foundation events such as EclipseCon and Eclipse Summit Europe conferences and became EclipseCon Gold Sponsor in 2011. We consider our sponsorship as a necessary contribution to the benefits of the Eclipse community.

Our Role in Building Eclipse Future

In 2005 Xored proposed Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit Project to the Eclipse Foundation and it was approved in 2006. In 2007 Eclipse DLTK was released as a part of Eclipse Europa. From that moment on, every Eclipse Simultaneous Release comprises a new version of DLTK. Since its very first release, DLTK has been used in various open-source and commercial Eclipse-based development projects. You can find an incomplete list of these projects here. Today Xored is introducing an IDE for Fantom, the world’s first IDE for Eclipse created without a single line of Java code. We believe that this innovative language will start a new chapter in Eclipse development.

Looking Forward

In 2011 we are continuing to innovate and contribute to the Eclipse ecosystem and announce our brand new products.

Our tools for software developers and vendors address different issues of organizing QA and support for Eclipse-based software products, helping to increase software quality and developer productivity.

Featured Customers & Clients


Xored Software goes Gold at EclipseCon 2011, EclipseCon Europe 2011 and Eclipse Day Paris 2011.

Our first product called Q7 is officially released, both as a Free Platform and commercial extensions.


New products for Support Automation and Functional Testing are unveiled at EclipseCon. Q7 was welcomed with open arms at Eclipse Testing Day, a specialized event for Eclipse developers, testers and architects.


With large experience in development for Eclipse and understanding other developers’ needs, Xored started to work on its own products aimed to increase productivity of Eclipse Developers.


British Telecom selects Xored as a vendor for their next generation network service design tool.

One of the most popular Eclipse Project – PDT (PHP Development Tools) selects Eclipse DLTK as a foundation for its PHP IDE.


3rdRail, the first commercial IDE based on DLTK Ruby was released by CodeGear.


Xored started to sell Eclipse development services to Cisco Systems.


Xored had proposed Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) to the Eclipse Foundation.

Xored began to provide Eclipse software development services to Eclipse Member Companies such as Zend Technologies.


TruStudio had reached 500,000 downloads.

Xored Software was incorporated in the United States.


WebStudio was renamed to TruStudio and exceeded 100,000 downloads worldwide.


One-person startup had released PHP IDE for Eclipse (WebStudio).

Functional and UI Testing for Eclipse-based Applications

Test automation solution, handcrafted for Eclipse. Modern and easy to learn IDE.

Product Health Analytics and Support Automation Platform

End-user and product analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your application health & performance.

Eclipse-based IDE for the Fantom Programming Language

Full-featured Integrated Development Environment for emerging Fantom programming language.