Originated in 2002 as an Eclipse-centric company, Xored Software has delivered dozens of applications based on Eclipse Platform and Technologies. This is a broad set of applications and domains: programming languages, IDEs and modeling tools for various types of customers, including software engineers, start-ups, and telecoms.

Xored had entered the Eclipse Ecosystem with a proposal of the Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit, which was a part of Eclipse Simultaneous Releases since Eclipse Europe (2007), and which now acts as a foundation for many products and projects, such as
Eclipse PHP Development Tools, Zend Studio, Embarcadero 3rdRail, eBay’s
VJET JavaScript IDE, and others.

Xored’s product line for Eclipse development teams includes: Q7 — Functional and UI Testing tool for Eclipse applications; X5 – Product Health Analytics platform and User Support Automation solution.

Today Xored is not only focused on Eclipse, but also moves its solutions to the Cloud and employs emerging programming languages such as Fantom. Xored’s F4 is a full-featured Eclipse-based IDE for Fantom programming language. F4 has been developed with
Fantom itself and to the best of our knowledge it is the world’s first self-hosted Eclipse-based non-Java IDE.

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Functional and UI Testing for Eclipse-based Applications

Test automation solution, handcrafted for Eclipse. Modern and easy to learn IDE.

Product Health Analytics and Support Automation Platform

End-user and product analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your application health & performance.

Eclipse-based IDE for the Fantom Programming Language

Full-featured Integrated Development Environment for emerging Fantom programming language.