RCPTT Professional Support

Obtaining and employing modern tools is a great step toward effective software development. However there is more to be gained in terms of effectiveness — the ability to tap the knowledge and experience of those who develop said tools. In order to enable our customers to benefit from such synergy Xored provides professional support services for RCPTT.

Scope of Professional Support

Customers who subscribe to Professional Support are entitled to the following benefits.

 • High priority support

All issues reported by Professional Support subscribers receive higher priority than other support requests. That means faster response time and faster problem resolution.

 • Private builds (Ultimate plan only)

Customers don’t have to wait for official product release to get the result of fixes/customisation. Private builds are created instead.

 • Best engineers on the task

Engineers who design and develop the product are the same engineers who help our customers.

Professional Service Plans

Starter Basic Ultimate
Package price $5,000 $15,000 $25,000
Support period 3 month 12 month 6 month
Support time* 30 hours 120 hours 200 hours
Response time
 • Blocker 3 days 3 days 1 day
 • Major 1 week 1 week 1 day
 • Minor 2 weeks 2 weeks 1 day
Builds Official releases Official releases Official releases/
Private builds
Contacting method Support portal/
Support portal/
Support portal/
Contact points 1 designated contact 3 designated contacts
Builds 10:00am – 06:00pm,
NOVT Monday-Friday
10:00am – 06:00pm,
NOVT Monday-Friday
10:00am – 10:00pm,
NOVT Monday-Friday
*An action plan will be agreed with the client representative which will indicate the action and effort required to resolve the issue.

Severity Levels

 • Blocker

The use of the product is completely impossible.

 • Major

The use of the product is severely restricted.

 • Minor

The use of the product is possible but with noticeable inconvenience.