Custom Solutions

No matter how proven any best practices are, not all of them are appropriate for your particular project or situation. In order to get results and the highest return on your resources, you need expert assistance that is customized to your needs. That’s where Xored comes in.

If you believe that there are certain goals that can be achieved using latest informational technologies or certain tasks can be only fulfilled with innovative and out of the mainstream vision, Xored is the right team for you. It is our routine to foresee and to anticipate things that are yet to arrive to the market.

Though vision is not enough, you have to have skills to get things done. We are experts in Eclipse tools implementation and we’re here to make them work for you.

Our developers are knowledgeable in both leading-edge trends and time-tested best practices. This allows us to draw on a wide range of technologies and practices to find the most relevant and cost-effective fit for you.

Contact us, describe your crazy idea and together we will design your custom project.

Functional and UI Testing for Eclipse-based Applications

Test automation solution, handcrafted for Eclipse. Modern and easy to learn IDE.

Product Health Analytics and Support Automation Platform

End-user and product analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your application health & performance.

Eclipse-based IDE for the Fantom Programming Language

Full-featured Integrated Development Environment for emerging Fantom programming language.