Project Assessment & Recovery

Project Recovery

Most software vendors wind up with a troubled or failing project at some point. One can count a number of reasons for project failure, including ill-defined or inappropriate requirements, poor project planning and management, uncontrolled quality problems or inaccurate estimates. We provide comprehensive project recovery assistance to get your troubled project back on track.

Xored helps you address and correct these issues in order to recover your failing project and make it work again.

Not only do we diagnose the major issues that are sabotaging project success; we provide expert, unbiased insights based on years of experience.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you, too:

  • Determine if the stated project deadline is achievable;
  • Identify the approach which is necessary to bring a troubled project under control;
  • Evaluate the quality of a product;
  • Recommend on how to improve the scalability and performance of a system;
  • Implement requirements, testing and evaluation processes or project management practices that will help you to avoid future project failures.

Quality Assessment

Will your current project deliver results on time, within budget, and with the expected functionality? Xored offers the software quality assessment service based on years of Eclipse experience. If your product has weak spots in Eclipse design, technologies, implementation, functionality and performance, we will provide our professional recommendations.

  • Quality assessment of your product
  • Comparison with major competitors
  • Analysis of architectures and prototypes
  • Code review

Contact us for detailed information on current quotes and rates.

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