Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation service is an option to provide an extension of your own engineering/development team. Through such dedicated facilities, we offer the best skill set, resources and flexibility, time-to-market and protected intellectual property rights. Staff augmentation is not only a cost-effective solution. With such dedicated relationships, we can also implement custom development frameworks and a small group of engineers which
are qualified for your specific needs.

You can temporary hire developers at Xored as we have profound professionals experienced in designing Eclipse-based applications, creating IDEs for popular and exotic programming languages, exploring new promising areas for innovative projects. Selected developer(s) will work exclusively for you on your specified project at fixed rates per hour/month.

In this model, developers’ work is transparent to you and that gives you full control over leased human and technical resources. It delivers the best solution, if you are involved in ongoing development or continuous maintenance projects. It works like an extension of your in-house development/support team.

  • Our experts work with your staff on application building;
  • Call us when you need a temporary extension of your Eclipse-oriented team.

Some of the advantages you might consider while deciding to approach us are:

  • Reliability (9+ years on the market);
  • Manageability (Better control over development processes and over the team);
  • Data Security (Full protection of your intellectual property rights);
  • Affordability (Fixed costs, full transparency).

Contact us for detailed information and current quotes and rates.

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