Support and Consulting

Consulting Services

Wondering which Eclipse tools will best meet your project requirements or if Eclipse is the right platform to begin with? Interested in adopting additional functionality into an existing project? Unsure whether you have the right mix of productivity, visibility and cutting-edge technologies? We provide customized consulting services to help you with deployment of Eclipse technologies and find a better fit for your needs. Avoid costly delays while searching
for answers. Is it hard to find what you need in the public domain? Talk to our specialist, get your our answers quickly and keep your project moving.

Xored is a well-known brand in the Eclipse community. With several Eclipse committers on board and more than eight years of experience, we guarantee profound knowledge. Whether you’re a lean team of ten or an enterprise company, we provide the answers and practical guidance you need to successfully implement Eclipse practices.

Here at Xored we understand that each team, project, and organization is unique, and we know how to find the right fit. Below are listed basic areas of our professional expertise:

  • Tools / Components selection
  • Assistance with Eclipse tools and plugins integration
  • Architecture design / review
  • Introduction of specific Eclipse practices into an existing development methodology
  • Guidance as Eclipse technologies and practices are adopted
  • Collaboration with your project team in order to implement Behavior Driven Development

With Xored you get prioritized recommendations oriented to your specific short-term or long-term projects. Please contact us on detailed info and current rates.

Support Services

Xored Software Inc. provides full support coverage for its partner projects and commercial products.

Support for Partner Projects

While working on a project, our developers are connected with the team on the partner’s side through round-the-clock communication channels. Xored fosters strong collaborative partnerships with its clients from the conceptualization stage through product development and testing, with a dedicated team that assures a smooth transfer of the final product/application to the client.

We provide our customers with exclusive full-time dedicated resources on a long-term basis in order to minimize all the risks. Before each project starts, Xored and its partner team make an agreement on how to arrange communications concerning support issues within the project.

Besides, in order to take its support services to another level, Xored intends to offer a new product to our partners. Our system for support automation called X5 is aimed to provide comprehensive details on program bugs, failures, unhandled exceptions and overall system behavior.

This innovative product will help us to unload support desks on both sides, improve incident resolution time and open new possibilities for establishing next-generation support channels.

Support for Commercial Products

All technology needs support. Whether something went terribly wrong or you just need a hand with a minor glitch in your system, you need someone you are going to call. Each Xored product license includes 12 months of software maintenance (support and product updates). Your projects are growing, are products are evolving, and it is always better to keep them up-to-date.

The one-year maintenance package entitles our customer to the following items:

  • Free updates within the period of subscription
  • Email support for general questions, errors or problems relating to the product ensuring that your questions get answered in a timely fashion(with response time of 48 hours for support questions on business days).
  • Email notifications about new minor/major updates available.

We recognize that personal attitude is crucial when it comes to problem resolution. We are particularly proud of our new product line and our support specialists are eager to provide support services of the highest quality:

  • Responding to your requests within targeted guidelines
  • Providing ongoing communication regarding your problem status through problem resolution
  • Taking ownership of your particular case
  • Providing a defined escalation process when developers’ assistance is needed
  • Maintaining our commitment to continuous improvement of our services

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