Xored S

Xored S Department connects cutting-edge science with the business interested in world-changing innovations.

Getting value from science

Xored is a mid-sized software  company specializing in development tools for enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. We stand out from the market due to our unique working model of  semi-autonomous  engineering teams. This structure makes our workflow seamless as there is no managerial intermediary in communications between our engineers and the development department of the customer. As a result,we create first-rate software while keeping it time-effective. We are a long-lasting partner of Cisco, Spirent, 1C (one of the Russia’s largest software developers and publishers), as well as a notable member of the Eclipse community.

Today many ideas, that are born of collaboration between research and engineering, become of interest for Big business. It come naturally, since  science-based projects help companies to keep up with the market. In that respect, a stakeholder hires scientists as a contractor to combine science and industry, ideas and capital. At this stage of turning the idea into business, the scientific concept alone is not enough to make it a working business model. Hence, it requires an engineering solution based on industry specific expertise.

What we offer

We provide individual scientists and scientific start-ups with the assistance necessary to make a minimal valuable product out of their idea, including:

  • flexible collaboration strategies from out-staffing to share holding;

  • transparent workflow;

  • expertise in dealing with scientific challenges;

  • engineering services based on profound scientific background;

  • support services, such as design, staffing, promotion and legal issues;

  • international business regulation insight.


Why we stand out

We are the right choice, if you are a scientist thinking of bringing your ideas to the market.

  • We are familiar with scientific methodology, thus we understand your needs and possible struggles on the way to the top. Many of us have degrees from NSU (a top-3 Russian University) and continue working in research institutions, as our HQ is situated in the heart of Siberian Scientific Community, Akademgorodok. We have viable expertise in compilation, programming languages, DSL and program optimisation. For instance, our engineers have been involved in JIT/AOT compiler development for a JVM, data classification for a SIEM software based on machine learning, programing languages design, a C++ compiler development, development of various IDEs, a highly optimised BLAS and FFT implementations, etc. We are engineers with a scientific background.

  • We offer you a team of experts, corresponding to your needs.With our scalable staffing model the scope of your team may vary from just one qualified engineer to a proper business unit, including designers, accountants and technical writers.

  • We undertake all procedures related to paperwork and certification, so you can focus on you project. Having offices in the EU and Russia, we are used to dealing with regulatory authorities of different countries.

Contact us via info@xored.com.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions and discuss special terms you might be insterested in.

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