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Q7 1.3.10 most noticeable improvements

New and Noteworthy, Q7, 15.01.2014 by Ivan Inozemtsev View Comments

Congrtulations on past holidays! On December 23rd we have released Q7 1.3.10 (the full list of resolved issues is available here), and in this post I’d like to describe a three improvements and bugfixes which I personally like the most.

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Experiencing SilkTest for Eclipse RCP Testing

Comparisons, Q7, 18.08.2011 by Andrey Platov View Comments

Recently we did a quick evaluation of Borland SilkTest to understand how well it works for testing of SWT and Eclipse RCP applications. This is not comprehensive evaluation, so we’d like to mention that Silk left good overall impression: it looks like a solid, well documented, well packaged product. This is product anyone definitely should consider when looking for general purpose UI testing tool dealing well with broad set of application technologies including AJAX, Java, and .NET. However we’re interested in testing of Eclipse applications here, so our evaluation will be focused on Eclipse applications only.

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Functional and UI Testing for Eclipse-based Applications

Test automation solution, handcrafted for Eclipse. Modern and easy to learn IDE.

Product Health Analytics and Support Automation Platform

End-user and product analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your application health & performance.

Eclipse-based IDE for the Fantom Programming Language

Full-featured Integrated Development Environment for emerging Fantom programming language.